About Us

BDG takes pride in being a fast food franchise that provides a nutritionally balanced meal and does not leave you feeling guilty after eating. Since 1986, BDG, whose headquarters are in Germany, has been in constant endeavor and remodeling itself in all facets of productions, systems, meat production, logistics, supplies, etc. resulting in good wholesome food products served in a relaxed and pleasant ambiance in all outlets all over Europe.


When eating at Berlin Doner and Gyro you get the authentic and original taste from the streets of Germany. The doner is the fastest growing street food in Germany, with a total number of doner shops being more in number than all the other fast food shops combined together. In other words, Doner is to Berlin what pizza is to New York. The doner and gyro meat is produced after marinating with a secret blend of ground spices and aromatic herbs in a state of the art factory located in Germany. The farms of chicken, turkey, lamb and veal in Germany are fed with strict hygienic feed and free from growth hormones and harmful injections. They are then slaughtered halal in automated abattoirs in a clean antiseptic environment in compliance with strict European Food Regulations. The cones of meat are then blast-frozen at -40 degrees centigrade and dispatched to the doner shops where the meat is then grilled in a vertical rotisserie and served in succulent thin shavings. Fresh and crisp vegetables are procured daily from the best suppliers with utmost care on size, color and taste. Our special doner and gyro bread is delicious and wholesome which has been developed after many years of experience in creating the perfect blend of ingredients. The secret sauce embellishes the doner and gyro and not only enhances but also compliments the meat, bread and vegetables resulting in an ultimate indulgence of high quality gourmet food.